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WTB 260z Coilovers - $700


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Hello all, I'm looking to get a set of coilovers for my car, don't need to be anything super duper crazy fancy, I need it to be height adjustable and relatively bolt in. Camber and damping adjustable-ness is a plus but not a requirement. I am looking for a set that's in good working order and does not need rebuilt immediately.


I will consider pieced together kits, something like the ground control setup that already has the strut tubes sectioned, I don't have the capability to section the tubes myself.


I have a budget of $700 cash, I can do some wiggling on my end of a couple hundred if you tempt me hard enough. I am looking to buy a set before Christmas because this will be my gift from my wife this year (Isn't she a peach?).


I'm either buying coilovers or rebuilding my 727 Torqueflite and installing a ratchet shifter, so if you have anything or know of anybody that does, send them my way relatively soon, otherwise I'll go the transmission route and blow my money that way.





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