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I decided to do all the body work on the front end of my car after the accident.  I must say that I did a damn good job all around.  Saying that, the fenders and hood cowl were the first pieces I applied color to and while they look great, there is some orange peel.


I just finished painting the sugar scoops, inspection lids and 3 piece lower valence.  They came out PERFECT.  Almost no orange peel.  I did notice, though, that when measuring out the paint that I may have had too much activator/hardener (don't remember which).  It is a single stage solid color with an activator and hardener at a ratio of 6:1:1.


Any idea what may have helped lay it out so smooth?  It was not my technique most likely.  I figure it was due to one of the non-paint additives that helped it lay flat.



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Don't be so hard on yourself. Some people do have a natural talent for painting. My guess is that since the sugar scoops are fully rounded, the paint would hit and adhere to the surface differently than the fully flat cowl and such. The orange peel might be from a little too much paint coming out versus gun speed. I am no pro though, just a hobbyist, so maybe someone else will chime in too. Oh, and single stage buffs out nice, just put down some plastic before color sanding it. Learned that the hard way on my S14.

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