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  1. Well, the engine and tranny sold, can we delete this please. Moving to a part out post.
  2. Still for sale... There are a ton of parts with this car, some that I forgot to even mention... ZG Flares, the engine comes with the ECU, just need the VATS and such turned off... I have even have the little bumper delete brackets that were all the rage not long ago. The bumpers also come with the car, but they need work... the OEM mag wheels, the 5 slot ones too. There is just a lot of stuff, and I need it all gone. I am taking offers, reasonable offers. If this doesnt sell soon I am going to have to part it out, but would really rather someone save the car. Thanks guys.
  3. https://goo.gl/photos/5TYKRaYbD35Cyfdd8 Ok lets try this out for pictures. I will add more as I get them. Hopefully it works
  4. Hey guys, well, life happens and I am needing to sell my 1971 240Z project. The car is a Series 2 240Z with a Vin in the 26K range. It needed some rust love when I got it, and it still needs a little to be done with that portion. I am hoping to sell the car as a whole with everything included. The car is currently on jack stands, and a bare naked shell, but I will be putting it back on the rotisserie that it comes with as well soon. Here is the list of all the stuff that I can remember that it comes with off the top of the head. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 254 833 2884. 1971 240Z Series 2- Clean Texas title in hand. Floor has been fixed, frame rails have been run from the TC cups to the rear frame area and welded in along the floor. The read deck lid has been replaced. The battery box is currently missing, but the firewall is all there. The car comes on a custom steel tube rotisserie that was slightly overbuilt by me and can probably hold 2 to 3 Zs lol. Interior- The interior is all there for the most part. All the plastics are in good shape, the door panels are there, but not perfect. The seats are out of a BMW 3 series. The steering wheel has been restored by me. The dash is damn near perfect! No cracking or anything. All the stock gauges are there, but I also have a set of Speedhuts to go with it, more on that later. The carpeting was pretty beat to death, but there is still some left. The vinyls were all removed, but in great shape. There was no shifter, engine or tranny with the car at purchase. All the wiring has been removed. Engine- The engine is a 5.3L LM7 out of a 2001 Tahoe that suffered a rear end collision. The heads were removed, surfaced, tested and a 3 angle valve job performed. Here is the list of stuff: 2001 LM7 5.3L LS based V8. LS1 Intake manifold Drive by Cable Throttle body Holley EFI Aluminum Fuel Rails with fuel pressure gauge LS6 Injectors LS1 coil packs and brackets MSD Ignition Wires LS1 rocker arms and push rods All new Fel Pro gaskets on the heads, timing cover and oil pan Springs and seats tested, 3 angle valve job complete Short block cleaned, painted Custom water neck on the water pump 130 AMP alternator mounted in lower drivers side area with Dirty Dingo mounts All accessories tested and working, and have truck spacing for belts LS1 Oil pan with new LS1 pickup and O-ring LS1 Starter 2 10" electric fans with a 3 row Champion radiator included, brand new. Transmission is a stock unit out of an F Body camaro, comes with new filter and gaskets. Also have shifter out of an F-body. The torque converter is a Trailblazer SS unit. Also comes with Dakota Digital tranny shift controller and digital read out to use for the neutral safety and reverse wiring. The wiring harness is a brand new unit from BP Automotive with relays and fuse box. I also have a brand new 21 circuit mini EZ Wiring harness for the chassis. I have a custom set of silver and red Speedhut Gauges, 4" tach and GPS Speedo, 2-5/8 Fuel level, water temp and oil pressure included. Fuel tank is the stock 240Z tank, modded to accept a fuel pump out of a 1999 Camaro. The tank has been etched and sealed and coated inside and out. The fuel pump is in place and has the AN fittings installed as well. The car will come with a roll of 3/8 fuel line, -6AN russel twist lock hose, and numerous AN fittings to plumb the car. The engine mounts are JCI with the drive shaft included. The tranny mount is the JTR style. I have the actual motor mounts and tranny mount new as well from Energy Suspension. The suspension is the Vogtland springs and shocks. They have been installed on the front, but not the rear. The front has new wheel bearings installed. The calipers are stock, and rebuild kits included. The control arm bushings have been removed, and I have a complete poly bushing kit for the car. The car also has both an R180 and an R200 to go with it. The only part missing on the R200 is the lower rear mount. I have an unwelded ron potter style mount that I had cut out on a CNC plasma for me too. All the body parts are there, all the glass is good. The hood and fenders will need some body work. I have new rocker panels to go with the car. I am going to cut this short, if you are still reading, I applaud you. You are more dedicated that most. I am needing to sell this car because, well, my wife decided to up and get cancer. And as any of you that have had to deal with crap knows, it is not cheap. Toys gotta go. I am asking $6500 obo. The car is damn near complete as far as parts go, just needs to be put together. I am going to post a few pictures, but if you have any specific things you want to see, please either text me or call me and I can get them to you. Thank you all for reading, I hope someone can save this project and finish it for me since I am unable to. Oh, and the car is located in Central Texas, Killeen to be exact. The rotisserie rolls so it can be loaded onto a flat bed hauler. Thanks guys.
  5. I like it! That style has really grown on me over the years. Congrats!
  6. I noticed on the Pegasus Racing mirrors (single pole dual ball joint style) they all have set screws on the ball joints, which I would assume keep things tightened up. Anyone tried them yet? For the color scheme and overall look I am going for on my car, the carbon fiber shell single stalk mirrors would work well IMO. Hoping someone else has dished out 250 buxors and can give feed back first
  7. The 99-02 Camaro pumps are internally regulated. All you need to do is run a filter then tee it off back to the return port and that is where the regulation comes from. Then a single line to the fuel rails. This is what I have read and am planning on using.
  8. I am assuming you are talking about the VG30DETT setups he has? Would probably find more info on the other 300ZX sites. I had purchased a lot from Kyle when I had my Z32, but that was many years ago.
  9. Good work up there! I am glad to see there are a few people that wish to maintain a spare tire
  10. Just what I wanted to hear (pun intended). Great work! Chris, I have read his stuff over the years, lots of good info for sure.
  11. Looks awesome! I wish my building was farther along and I had more notes to pass on to others, but I am glad to see it work for you. Have you gotten it running with that setup yet?
  12. Stupid auto correct.... Doesn't like rivnut. I meant rivnut. Rivets are a bad idea imo. And do the look nearly as nice as a SS bolt once finished.
  13. There was a thread on a good rivet gun down in the fabric area, lots of good ideas in there about where to buy and such. As far as bolts, my local Fastenal was actually very helpful and cheap as he'll to buy large quantities. A box of 100 M6x25mm only cost me like 8 buxors.
  14. I plan on using Rivnuts to do mine, just like Hoke. Seems like the most proper way to do it in my opinion. On the front fenders nuts would work fine I am sure. Edit... what that guy said lol.
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