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  1. I like it! That style has really grown on me over the years. Congrats!
  2. I noticed on the Pegasus Racing mirrors (single pole dual ball joint style) they all have set screws on the ball joints, which I would assume keep things tightened up. Anyone tried them yet? For the color scheme and overall look I am going for on my car, the carbon fiber shell single stalk mirrors would work well IMO. Hoping someone else has dished out 250 buxors and can give feed back first
  3. The 99-02 Camaro pumps are internally regulated. All you need to do is run a filter then tee it off back to the return port and that is where the regulation comes from. Then a single line to the fuel rails. This is what I have read and am planning on using.
  4. I am assuming you are talking about the VG30DETT setups he has? Would probably find more info on the other 300ZX sites. I had purchased a lot from Kyle when I had my Z32, but that was many years ago.
  5. Good work up there! I am glad to see there are a few people that wish to maintain a spare tire
  6. Just what I wanted to hear (pun intended). Great work! Chris, I have read his stuff over the years, lots of good info for sure.
  7. Looks awesome! I wish my building was farther along and I had more notes to pass on to others, but I am glad to see it work for you. Have you gotten it running with that setup yet?
  8. Stupid auto correct.... Doesn't like rivnut. I meant rivnut. Rivets are a bad idea imo. And do the look nearly as nice as a SS bolt once finished.
  9. There was a thread on a good rivet gun down in the fabric area, lots of good ideas in there about where to buy and such. As far as bolts, my local Fastenal was actually very helpful and cheap as he'll to buy large quantities. A box of 100 M6x25mm only cost me like 8 buxors.
  10. I plan on using Rivnuts to do mine, just like Hoke. Seems like the most proper way to do it in my opinion. On the front fenders nuts would work fine I am sure. Edit... what that guy said lol.
  11. The ones in that link are good files as well. I opened up last night with no issue.
  12. I am hoping someone can post some accurate dimensions. I plan on drawing it up and utilizing a friend who purchased a cnc plasma cutter. I may be able to dig up the dash and parts to measure.
  13. I have used their dual voltage system, but work with an old oven and a bunch of jigs and stands we welded up for hanging the parts. The gun works good, just have to watch your trigger squeeze, just like a paint gun. No info on the IR light,but if you go that way, please post up.
  14. What are your cruising RPMS with the 4l60e and 3.54?
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