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289 over-heating

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I needed a place to post this for the Ford guys across the universe. My buddy was having trouble with his 1966 Mustang overheating even after changing the thermostat. I googled the problem and only found lots of folks struggling with same issue without success. I'm posting this here since I'm not a member of the other Ford forums. Hopefully, Google and the other search engines will direct the Ford guys to this thread. So this is really an act of automotive civic duty.


After verifying a good thermostat by heating it in a pot of water on the stove with my wife's candy thermometer, and removing, inspecting and replacing the water pump (including removing the flat plate) to ensure that it was in perfect condition, and running water thru the radiator and refilling the system with new store-bought 50/50 antifreeze (the good stuff that Danica takes her clothes off for):


The problem was air in the intake manifold. In order to vent the air off, I filled the radiator then removed the heater hose that taps into the thermostat housing. Air came out, followed by water, and the level in the radiator went down. I topped up the radiator and started the car and let it run to a point that the thermostat SHOULD open, but it didn't. I removed the heater hose again and more air came out. Repeated the run-then-vent procedure 5 times before no air came out. Once I stopped getting air at the heater hose fitting, the thermostat opened and all is well. Topped off radiator and car has been good since.

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