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SBC to 4th gen camaro v6 T5

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Due to the ever growing scarcity(at least in my area) of the T5 that belongs behind gen1/2 sbc engines, I decided to go for gold and live the dream of adapting the newer camaro t5s to the old sbc.  This presented a few problems, one being the newer camaro v6 T5s are actually a ford bolt pattern, they are tilted 17 degrees and they are somewhat poorly geared... but hey, for less than 90 bucks at a pull-a-part, I can deal. 


This brings me to the middle man, the bellhousing.  I used one out of an 82 CJ-7 Jeep that had an old iron duke 151 in it, this little gem was an inline 4 cylinder with a small block bolt pattern on the back of it that was often mated to a t4 that had a ford bolt pattern.  Bingo.  


All of the hydraulics used were for an 82 CJ-7 as well, using some hard line a bent myself from orielly's. 


The Flywheel was an 86-92 153 tooth flywheel from basic GM applications in the 305 or 350s of that time.


clutch and pressure plate was for a 85 Camaro z28 iroc z, oriellys part K1675-21


also the front bearing retainer has to be changed to a steel one from a CJ as well, Part # CROJ8134013 from 4wd.com

Dont worry, it is very easy to change that out.


I will probably have to read over and edit this as more comes to me, but that is what I needed to make it work.  My only complaint is the CJ hydraulics blow nuts.  Super hard to bleed all the way.  

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I have had a chance to get down right mean to the car, 4000 rpm clutch dumps, donuts for days, and hard launches.  All in a safe area of course, and it is still together, I did kill a throw out bearing though... somehow.  Other than that, my other hardships have included running out of gas and losing the steering wheel.  Good times.

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