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EZ Wiring Harness location

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Newbie post here that I am sure is covered somewhere else.


I am wondering what holes you guys have used to transfer the engine wiring from the cabin (where the fuse box will sit).  I bought this 240Z with it half restored from Wagz and I already pulled all of my wiring as I found I used the two holes for the heater core. arggg.  I can't tell you how far I was with the wiring, but now I am back to square one.


I am considering using the two holes that are on the far driver's side of the firewall.  But there is a third hole just to the right of the hole for the throttle cable that I am considering as well.


Anybody out there have any advice for me?


Thanks for the assist!

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I think the previous owner sealed up that hole when fixing the rust by the battery box.  The other unlabeled holes in your picture, might I be okay using one of those?  Well I won't use the throttle cable hole, that is for sure.  Thanks Casper for the help!!!!

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