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Electric Fan Control

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I have a pair of electric fans on my 81 280ZX and need to improve the fan control. I believe the best place for the temperature sensor is below the thermostat. However, rearranging the existing sensor in these ports appears to be a pain. So I'd like to piggy back onto the water temperature gauge sensor (Thermal Transmitter = TT) rather than add a new thermal switch. The TT is a variable resister that is electrically grounded through the case. The voltage drop across the TT in the temperature range to turn the electric fans ON is 4-5 volts. So I'm looking for a small relay board that has an adjustable voltage trigger. By adjusting the trigger voltage I should be able to start the electric fans at any temperature I choose. Does anybody have ideas where I can find an inexpensive, adjustable relay board to experiment with?   

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