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N42 Ported Head


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Well this was surely a long saga, almost 3 years in the making. I wont go into all the issue with Slovers Porting, but poor dude had some many problems with his business. I dont think a port job should take 3 years lol, but I finally got it back after the dang thing apparently got stolen from his shop as well.


the only thing I never got was the flow numbers. I've followed back up with Mike. Might have to find someone local who can flow it up here in Seattle, and then get a custom cam made for it.


Anyways, its a monster...  Largest valves you can put in it, and 12:1 CR. Funny thing is, this took so long to do, I gave up on it, and started going with a Turbo setup albeit slowly since i moved to Seattle recently.


update got the flow numbers from Mike this morning.



Good numbers? The exhaust side seems a bit low. Seems like some have been able to get up to about 137-139....



Superflow 600, flowed at 28"


Intake Side:

500 Lift  208cfm

600 Lift  211cfm



Exhaust side:

500 Lift  114cfm

600 Lift  117cfm





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Just got my bottom end back from local machine shop, had been talking to Slovers a while back about doing my head but after reading your post I am very concerned about trusting his shop after reading your post.


Would you do business with them again?


PM'd you if you want to answer there.

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