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280z 5 speed Speedo gear housing

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I searched and need some help changing my speedometer gear.

280z 5 speed.  300zx  turbo clsd 3.7 diff

So I bought an 18 tooth “blue” speedo gear to match the ratio of my diff for an accurate speedometer reading.  I went to change it out and install new O rings and pulled out a purple 21 tooth gear.  The teeth part of the 21 teeth purple gear is larger in diameter than the blue 18 tooth gear I’m trying to swap out.  I did some research and my understanding is that the 20-23 teeth speedo gears use a different housing for the correct angle of the larger sized tooth gear offset.  Here is the link

The 18 tooth gear shaft fits my housing perfectly, the only difference is the number of teeth and the diameter of the teeth.  Do I need a different housing for my 18 tooth gear or am I ok?  Z is not running so I can’t test it yet.  I also read somewhere that the housing can be turned slightly to accommodate the smaller gear teeth size.

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Rotating it would seem to make sense if you can determine the proper spacing and alter the mount tab.  Alternatively you could attempt to find the proper sleeve according to this link http://czot.org/forum/showthread.php?1760-Speed-Pinion-Gear-and-Housing-Combinations-(-70-78-240-260-280Z) 

Sleeve Assembly (16 tooth-19 tooth)
PN 32707-78000 )


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