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Tr4j3dy's '75 2+2 Build (Pic Heavy)

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Hey everyone, I'm a newbie here. Been wanting and researching S30s for years. Finally pulled the trigger. Initially I sourced a 1975 280z 2+2 with a "rebuilt" P79 Head with a F54 Block. I pulled this out of a field in Northern New Mexico. Ultimately I want to restore a 2+2 because I feel they are under appreciated. I want to do a resto-mod. I'm going to stay with the L28. Going to go with a F54 Block, Dished Pistons, P90 Head with a Turbo setup. Megasquirt, custom fuel rail. Essentially the works. My goal is 350whp and I am willing do whatever it takes to get that reliably. 

(Warning Graphic Images of Previous Owner's Datsun Torture will ensue)





Rat nest next to the injectors :( 




So I knew this was going to be a huge project. Which was fine for me. The car was a decent price. And apparently the P79 Head and F54 block were "rebuilt" around the time the car was parked about 10 years ago. The car was parked due to some issues with fuel delivery. I was curious about how the quarter panels and the body was in general. So I put some paint stripper on. 




The rear quarters looked decent and then I found this under about an inch and a half of body filler. 




So at this point I really knew that I had my work cut out for me. But luckily, while I was stripping down this body and cleaning out this 2+2. A friend of mine gave me a call and told me he found a 2+2 with no motor. That was hidden down the street from me. I loaded up the trailer last weekend and we brought it home! 



The quarter panels are nearly perfect with only a couple dings. Driver side fender is meh. Everything else is in great shape with an exception of a few small dings here and there. 

The interior is in  ALOT better shape than the previous one. After acquiring this I decided to yank the drive train out of the other 2+2 and part it out. 

Bonnet off let's get to work. 





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