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Fuel pressure regulator location matters!!!

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 Just wanted to share a fix to an issue I had.  Car would get terribly lean when boost was ramping up, in my case 3800-4000 rpm.   AFR's went to 19 for that moment, not good at 20+ psi!!   I'm using the stock rail and had an Aeromotive FPR mounted to the passenger side front fender of the engine compartment, with 2.5 feet of vacuum tube to it.  Took me a while to find the solution and it was in part due to a post I read, can't recall who it was, who had the same issue but never fixed it technically. He happened to replace his stock rail with a Perrin and it fixed his issue.

All this got me thinking why Nissan put the FPR on the rail in the first place.   I thought I needed a fuel damper but Nissan never used one originally, so....I moved the Aeromotive FPR back to the oem FPR location, and have a 8" vacuum line now.  Now that it's there, acting as a damper as well (like Nissan intended), you can guess what happened, cars runs great now.  Thought I'd share since I see so many people mounting it in the same place I did. 

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