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32/36 Carbs, Manifolds, Wheels and misc. for sale


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I have several things for sale I have removed from my Z over the years. Everything is located in New Jersey and mostly negotiable (I'm not up to date on most of these prices so here's what would make me happy).


Weber 32/36 DGV carburetors with E88 manifolds, balance tube and linkage that should be complete.

These could probably stand to be rebuilt but did run when I took them off ~2 months ago to install triples.




Unused Cannon triple Weber DCOE manifold with linkage and carburetor mounting/insulation kits:

$250 sale pending



Old Canon exhaust manifold. My research tells me it is a Canon manifold which haven't been produced in some time. Comes with a collector to a 2.5" exhaust:




Four Eagle Alloy wheels. My last measurement put them at 7.5" wide with 4x114.3 and 4x100 patterns. All of the tires pictured with these are 225/50R15. Two of the tires are badly scalloped although the other two are Toyo Proxes4 and in decent shape. The tires can be dismounted and discarded if desired, I don't expect anything for them.




240Z master brake cylinder. Came off my '72. No leaks or bleeding between seals when it was removed around May. I went with a 15/16th's cylinder for bigger brakes:




240Z distributor with a Pertronix electric ignition conversion box and 3 year old NGK plug wires. Upgraded to a 123 Ignition unit:




Finally, the pièce de résistance, one fabulous aftermarket 'Z' steering wheel. I don't know a thing about this other than it will bolt right in place of a factory steering wheel and use the original horn contacts. It was the first thing I took off my car so a $20 bill would thrill me:

$20 SOLD



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The cannon intake manifold is spoken for.


Also available are front and rear strut assemblies and lower control arms as well as a front engine cross-member.Obviously a pain to ship so I'll take just about any offer for a local pickup.

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Cannon intake manifold is sold.


A few other things I'll let go FOR FREE if anyone is in NJ and wants to pick them up: entire '72 OEM suspension including front and rear strut assemblies, front and rear lower control arms, front engine crossmember and original sway bar.

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