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MS1 v2.2 no spark

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Hey guys, I'm trying to finish up a L28et swap into my 1977 280z. engine came from another 280z car that was swapped a long time ago. I got a new harness and wired everything up but I'm not getting spark. When I crank the motor the ECU is getting RPM, firing the injectors, and the FIDLE LED is blinking but a spark plug placed on the valve cover doesn't produce spark. I followed the mobythevan post and put in the drop resistors to the dist and HEI module. The coil + has the condensor connected to the dist, 12v from ignition, and B from HEI. the coil - has the blue tach wire and C from the HEI.


How can I test the HEI module is sending the signal correctly to the coil, and then the coil is sending to the dist?




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