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Need technical advice, ECM to BCM stuff

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I have decided to install my vq37vhr into a car other than my Z. The car is a 2013 Toyota FRS. Putting this engine in the Z was going to be reasonably simple from the technical side of things. But my decision has added a great deal of complexity. I would like to get the ECM of the vq to talk to the BCM of the FRS. I can get pinouts and see which items might be simple to tie together. But I think some of the signaling will be different making the two systems not communicate. I may need some sort of interface module or I may need to ditch the idea of tying them together and just get an aftermarket setup configured with the correct signaling. I wanted to save that money, but if I can't find a reasonable solution, I wont have a choice but to go aftermarket. And even that may not yield the results I'm looking for. Please share your thoughts about this and any of your experience.



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