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Looking for replica Datsun Competition Seats

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Got one off eBay for $500. Judging from photos of other repros, the vent holes on the back are a, uh, factory error. Perhaps why this one was so cheap. Luckily no one will really see it.


Love it. I fit snug in it, but not too much so. My stock seat was really worn out so it feels much more comfortable. And the fake leather is not bad. I was going to get it redone in real leather but might push that back unless I need belt holes.




It's resting on stock 280Z rails. Seat of it at about the same height as the stock seat, so not sure it will help the limited helmet room. I'm also going to have to fabricate an adapter for the stock rails to get them on the narrower seat base (roughly 13" rail spacing on the stock seat vs 10" on this). But, no door rubbing or hard-to-reach seat belts.


Speaking of seat belts the stock one seems super unsafe in this. Not sure what I'll do about that.


And I need a head rest. Don't feel like breaking my neck if someone rear ends me at anything over 5 mph. From other threads about this seat I can get a legit Kameari one.

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