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Mystery Arizona Zcar "Bosch" Injectors

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Some time back in my engine build I ordered new set of "440cc Bosch Injectors" from Arizona Z Car


Skip forward in time about 5 years and I'm in the process of tuning my (240z) L28et swap with MS2 (V3.57).  Using PWM (30%) as the injectors are square in the middle of the low-z range at ~2.8-3.0 ohms resistance.  All other critical settings per Megasquirt "starting point" recommendations.  The car idles with some tweaking of parameters, but AFR is way out of sorts and i'm at a point in my troubleshooting where i'm beginning to question the validity of this flow claim...


In trying to ID these injectors, the only numbers I can see on the injector bodies are "751" and "927".

These numbers don't match any low-impedance injectors that i can find in the Bosch fuel injector catalog.


The only Bosch injectors that fall into this resistance range is the 0280150834 and 0280150835 (EV1) which only flow ~350ish.

Next step was to "massage" the 'required fuel' value in tuner studio to match what I need, but would like to first confirm my theory.

I have an email in to Arizona Z-car but haven't received a response.
Does anyone else have experience with these AZC injectors or can attest to the 440cc claim?






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