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No power '77 280Z


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Hi guys,


I did some work on the interior of my 77 280Z and removed the dash, center console, steering column + switches, heater core and I also disconnected the fusebox and relays and and ziptied those to the side to get work space.


Yesterday I wanted to get the car running again because I am moving to a new house in a few weeks and need to move it. So I reinstalled the dash, the steering column + switches, the center console and connected the fusebox en relais. But I left the heater core and the heater controls out so a few plugs are not connected..


Now I don't have any power to any of the systems. None of the lights work and the ignition switch does nothing.


  • I have tested the ignition switch which is ok.
  • If I supply power to the ignition switch power pin I hear the ignition relais clicking but nothing happens so the ignition relais has also no power.
  • If I supply power at the hazard light switch which is part of the ignition switch circuit de car starts cranking.


Are the heater core and/or the heater controls essential parts of the electric system? Or is there something else wrong here?






Okay so I am a moron. I had forgotten two giant connectors just behind the firewall.

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