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AC compressor LSA/ZL1 2012 in 260z

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Hello everyone,

Can someone tell me wich AC compressor that is how to say "smallest" LSA or ZL1 camaro.

I need room for headers and engine mount on right side in my 260z.

I need the space behind the compressor for my engine mounts

I'm using low mount alternator and Ac compressor.






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christainmoller,   Check out my posting under Heavy Duty Frame Rails underGen iii & IV  Chevy V8 Tech Board  Postingn 17 and 18.  They show y AC installation in my

LS3 6.2L 240Z.   I tried several Aftermarket AC Kits that would not fit as I made my own motors mounts and custom made front sub frame( constructed from 2 1/4" square

tubing.   The smallest AC Compressor that I found was a Sanden AC compressor which is only 7 inches long total length (comprssor with clutch).  I used a Kwik Performance Ac Kit but the mount can easliy fabricated by yourself.   I was rushing to enter my car into a car show so did not have time to measure and try and error the mount construction.

But notice that you must use Chevy truck type water pump and longer harmonic pulley to match the belt location.  The posting goes into the details of the AC Installation.

I hope this answers your questions, if not post any more questions that you may have.


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christianmoller,    I forgot to include the compressor #   SANDEN SD7B10 (7176).  Kwik Performance website also has installation diagrams that give dimensions

the compressor mounting on LS motors.   This will enable you to determine if this kit will find in your particular vehicle.


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