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  1. Battery Box Modifications- This is the Delco Replacement Battery for a 2019 Chevrolet Corvette 6.0L LS3. It is a GelCell Battery rated at 900CCA but weighs 49 pounds. Because of its weight and size, I decided to beef up the original Battery Tray. Making a Paper Template of New Battery Tray I decided to construct the Battery Box out of 16 gauge Stainless Steel. Used Right Angle Grinder with cutoff wheel to cut the Stainless Steel. Filing down the sharp edges from cutting. After Bending the Stainless Steel
  2. Change of Plans- I must have been a "Good Boy" because my Ungraded Holley Terminator X Max arrived on Christmas Eve. Brand New Holley Terminator X Max# 555550-910 was designed for Late Model LS3 motor with 58 CAM, EV6 Injectors, Drive by Wire Throttle Body and a Remote 3.5 Touch Screen Turner was $1540 from Amazon. I started by laying the Holley harness over the motor and attaching the sensors. Everything pretty much lined up but there were wires which were a little short. But no big deal. A little shifting of harne
  3. I was planning to post about installing the Holley Terminator X Engine Control Kit but at the last moment I decided to go to a upgraded version of the Holley Kit. So that may take a couple of weeks to arrive because of the Pandemic and Christmas. but there are still plenty work to do. Drive By Wire Accelerator Pedal Installation- Holley recommends using AC Delco # 10379038 Pedal Assembly( Amazon-$88. However, you have to fabricate your own mount. Normally, accelerator pedal were easy to fab as they were usually constructed of 3/8"-7/16" steel rod. One cou
  4. Engine Compartment Modifications- I forgot to post the Alternator that I utilized-NAPA #272-4717 104 AMP Alternator( cost $130). I originally tried to install a 140AMP GM one but it was way too large to fit in the bottom driver side of the motor. I think 104 AMP is sufficient unless I install an Electric Power Steering Unit. The NAPA Alternator has a Lifetime Warranty and 104 AMP is widely available. AIr Intake- My Crate LS3 6.2 Liter motor did not come with a Air Intake Setup so I had to fab one. Spectre Performance had
  5. 12vt Cooling Fans To go with the Champion Radiator, Two Spal 12vt. Electric Fans and Shroud were installed. The fans provide 1500 CFM of Air Flow but draw 27 maximum amperage. The Two Individual 30 Amp Relay are triggered by a 185 Degree Thermo Switch in the engine block. Spal Dual Fans with Shroud-Bottom View Dual 30 AMP Relays triggered a 185 Degree Thermo Swuitch. I also added an Emergency Bypass Switch to turn on the Relays in case of Switch Failure. Everything was mounted on the Right Side Wheel Well Housing.
  6. 5 Star Rising, By your description of different gaps on your Core Support and your Hood Height problems, you might have Twisted Core Support. To verify that conclusion, you must make measurements of your front end. Place your car on a flat hard surface. Make your wheels in straight ahead direction. Take measurements in inches or millimeters. First, always measure from factory bolt holes vertically to the ground . Start at the 10mm bolt attached to the front inside of the Ringt and Left Headlight housings. Since this is the furthest bolt that is attached to the
  7. 5 Star Rising, If your main concern is the hood pushing back after you push it down, your problem is probably with the hood hinges and/or torsion rods. Note-if you have not removed your grille, you should as it will make easier to work on your hood and hinges But First, remove your hood and check for squareness. If your Hood is not within specs, the Hood is damaged and probably need to be replaced. Now, Remove the Hood Hinges and Torsion Bars. Replace the Hood on the car. Using shims( anything can be used) and attempt the "level" the h
  8. Bead Roller Modifications- After watching the video in my last post, you may have noticed that I made additional modifications to my Bead Roller to make using it even easier. I felt the Control Box was located too far right of the actual working area. So I removed the Power Convertor, Speed Controller and Forward/ Reverse Switch from the Control Box. They were relocated on the Bead Roller in self. These changes allowed me to control the Bead Roller Motor closer to the actual work area. Power Convertor moved to back of the Roller. The Speed Co
  9. Motorizing my Bead Roller- I decided to put a Electric Motor on my Woodward Fabrication Bead Roller after I discovered that manual bead rolling requires another person to turn the crank. It was impossible to turn the crank and guide the sheet metal into the bead roller at the same time. I will attempt to motorize my bead roller for under $100 so anybodycan afford to build one too. The biggest expense would be the low speed but high torque motor. Fortunately, I found a old Super Winch which was about 20 years old off of a Honda ATV. It had a Hig
  10. Exposed, I have several Woodward Fabrication Tools-Manual Tubing Bender, Tubing Notcher, Shrinker/Stretcher, Hand Shear, Dimple Die set and assorted small tools. Their tools have better quality than Harbor Freight and are good for home craftsman. Practiced on some Aluminum with the Dimple Die Set. I hope to use the set on my Z maybe in the engine compartment or interior. Toolman
  11. 5 star raising, The best way to solve your problem is to post pics of your hood -pics of hood rear gap, left and right hood side gap, hood front edge compared to both L and R headlight covers and hood height (frnt ,sides and back). Leave the hood catch off till you fix hood alignment first. Always do one correction at a time then analysis the results. Take the pics, it will make it easier to solve your problem. Too
  12. The Global Supply problems delayed delivery of my parts for modifying of my Bead Roller so I will go to LEATHER SEAT COVER REPLACEMENT- I ordered Two Leather Seat Covers from Interior Innovations for my car. Cost was about $700 including freight. Be aware- Once you ordered from this company and received your Order Confirmation, do not expect to hear from them until you received your seat covers. I tried to contact them by email and phone-no replies and no tracking number. But I received the covers after about one months time. On the upside, the Leather Seat Co
  13. Cooling System- A lot of time was spent looking a radiator for my LS 240z. The biggest problem was the 28" space between the Front Core Support. Most available LS radiators were about 30" wide. But I found 67-69 V8 Camaro had narrow width of 27". So I called Champion Radiator for Pricing and Availablity. He said because of the Pandemic affecting the supply channels, none was available and would not be for couple of months. But fortunately, he asked me what kind of radiator that I was looking for. I told him 71 Datsun 240Z with LS swap. Then he said they
  14. calZ, In my case. There is no room to install a muffler on the Right Rear of the car. See pics below- Looking for Right Wheel Housing toward rear. Looking Forward from Right Tail Light. I mounted a Holley Electric Fuel Pump in the a Custom Fuel Tank Sump. Installed two 3/8 Nickel Copper Fuel Line and In-Line Fuel Filters running through the Trans Tunnel.
  15. Mufflers and more Exhaust Work- I picked Thrush Turbo Muffler which consists of a Aluminiuzed Coated Steel Metal Body because of its small size and light weight. But after Trial Fitting, it was little too long. The original 240Z muffler space was made for only one muffler not two. Returned those mufflers and order Thrush Welded Turbo version which were 1" narrower and 1" shorter. This installation was go down to a matter of inches of clearance. The only disadvantage of these mufflers was there were constructed of 16 gauge metal so they were heavy.
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