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  1. Bottom View of Bell Housing Clearance Left Side Top view Removed Hood Lock Mount to gain more clearance. Right Side Room for Exhaust not bad Front View-Motor Mounts 1/2" Clearance between Balancer
  2. Motor Mounts- Originally I planned to used Dirty Dingo Z LS conversion motor mounts. But after installing on my Dummy LS Block in my car, I decided I wanted more engine setback than they could provide. Also. looked ICT BILLET Mounts So I decided to basically make my own mounts of 1/4" Steel Plate. As you can see, my version is 4" to 5" longer. I knew this was longer than necessary but usually go longer, just in case,, i need extra area to construct AC mounts too. I can always cut them shorter later. On the left bottom sid
  3. Witchboard, If your door adjustment is not the problem, you can try this procedure. The 240Z window door glass frames are rather flimsy. So you might need to bend the top door edge more inward. You accomplish this by: Open the door and stick a 2 x 4 between the lower edge of the door and rocker panel. Now just push the top edge of frame inward. By moving the window frame inward, it will decrease the window gap and hopefully stop the water leakage. Push easily at first and harder if necessary. Also, check the driver's door for sagging. The upper door hinge pin wea
  4. Rear Rocket Bunny Flares Moduicications The Front Lower section of the Rear Quarter Panel Flares was not sufficiently secured down So. I installed one 6MM x 1.0 nutsert to the underside of the rocker panel. Then, made a 16 gauge sheet meta; plate to go over the nutsert. To give this plate additiona; strength, another plate on the exterior of the flare. A hole was drilled through both plates. So you ended up with the flare sandwiched between both plates. Also, a right angle was added the inside edge of the plate so it was against the rocker panel pinch weld.
  5. NEW CAR DOLLY- I constructed a new car dolly to move the body around for engine and transmission installation. I used a lot of materials from "old car dolly". This dolly was about one foot higher off the floor to make working under car easier. Bottom view of Dolly Side view After it was completed, I removed the jack stands and slid the Dolly in. WIRING HARNESS- The original wiring was in bad shape. The tape was starting to unwind and was covered with Rustprooting from in the quarter panels. What a mess!
  6. Sorry for my delay in posting, I was busy putting up Christmas decorations for my house. AN Fitting Installation- Wrap Electrical Tape 3 or 4 times tightly around Braided Line. The Tape prevents the wire from unraveling. Cut across the tape with a 24" Cable Cutter or use a Cutoff Tool. Cutter will crush the hose like this but just squeeze it till round again. Tip-Wrap a Plastic Cable Tie slightly down from the cut. I find it holds the braided wire tightly together ,otherwise the wire tends to spread outward when pushing into
  7. Robert, I think you are correct in assuming that a leaking hatch hinge liner was the main cause of the corrosion. I inserted my borescope into that INTERIOR LIGHT channel that holds both Right & Left hinges. Only the hinge boot keeps water from entering the channel. If you didn"t have those big rust holes there under the R/hinge, water would mostly flow along the channel then go down the inside of the rear quarter panels. Then the water would exit from either the front or rear wheel well edges. To repair it. by cutting those rust holes out and cover the area with
  8. Yes, I am trying to keep some things original as possible. Back to Fuel Pump Modifications: After measure the tank depth and setting the pump length. the pump was installed. This pump can be rotated any direction that you prefer without drilling new mounting holes. Left to Right- Return Line, Fuel Feed Line and Vent Line. The pump mounting bolts were torqued to 50 in lbs in a Star Pattern and three increments. Using the Borescope, you can see the filter on the bottom of the tank inside the surge tank. V
  9. The picture is not that clear. Can you take more at different angles? The center section is cast and can not be welded. The other possible fix is to braze the lever (stamped steel) to close the gap and file to fit. Filing will take awhile so do not braze more than necessary. This will work as long as the cast side can take the turning torque.
  10. I was fortunate to come across a Great Deal. I sold my "old" sandblast cabinet for $350 then upgraded to Bigger One for only $150 more. This cabinet is twice as large and has top and side access doors. Plus it also came with a 4 foot high dust vacuum. Fuel Tank Modifications: My Fuel Tank was really rusty inside and had a lot of large dents on its bottom. Note-Remember the Pads positions. After Blasting, the dents were more visible. The only way to remove most of the large dents was to cut open the top of the tank and push th
  11. Sorry for not posting for awhile, I had some home repairs to do before the end of Summer. Undercarriage Work: Disassembled and cleaned then lubed and reassembled the steering components. Disassembly, inspection and relubed All parts were painted with Black Single Stage Urethane paint The Gas Pedal Bracket was left as it depending on LS Electronic Pedal Assembly. Brake, Vent and Fuel Lines All Lines were wire brushed, primed and paint with Single Stage Silver Paint. One Part of the Drivetrain
  12. Mounting Rocket Bunny Rear Soiler The Rocket Bunny Body Kit does not come with any instructions for installation of its components. So the builder has to come up with his own methods of installation. The rear spoiler is no exception. I decided to mount the spoiler by fabricating Two mount plates that were installed inside of the spoiler. Each mount consisted of Two 5mm x .8 x 16mm bolts that were tack welded to a 1/2" x 3" long 16 gauge sheet metal plate. The mounts were mounted on the both side edges of the hatch. The existing hatch edge was 1/8
  13. For instructions to construct your own Spindle Pin Removal Tool, Go to V8t forums-Gen III & IV Chevy V8- Heavy Duty Frame Rails and Connections- #9 dated January 16,2019. I bought only a few parts of Home Depot to build and construction was only about an hour. Otherwise, a Floor Hydraulic Press could be utilized.
  14. "Lost Part" I somehow lost one of the Hoods Accessory Door Spring Latch. So I was forced to create one using the other one to copy from. Original, the Copy and Template It was constructed from sheet metal using pliers and a drill. Test Fitted then to be Painted to match. Restoring Damages Masonite and Plastic Interior Panels cracked Masonite Panel Fiberflex Rods and Fiberglass Screen Window Mesh were used for these type of repairs. Mesh with plastic melted over it created a strong repair. One Masonite pa
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