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Calculating Fuel Rail Maximum Horsepower

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Guest Anonymous

I searched the fuel delivery forum but didn't find any info on how to calculate how much horsepower a fuel rail will support. I realize it will probably be only as good as the smallest restriction in the feed line but can anyone sum up the calculation for me or tell me where to find it?

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I came across a book at B&N (didnt buy it) but it was about "Nitrous Oxide"-all the ins' & outs & discussed in great detail, including fuel, on what is needed & had multiple formulae for making those conclusions.


I dont remember the title of the book but the cover was blue & had NOS on the cover in white lettering.


I almost bought it & wanted it badly because of its graphs on fuel needs, requirements & its calculations...but didnt buy it as I already had 4 perf.books I was purchasing at that time: 2 books beyond my monthly quota (yea I'm a gearhead outa control).


The title may have been something like "How to Install & Use Nitrous"...or something as simple as that. Just FYI.


I'm not sure the book itself speaks about actual fuel rail size..but what it did say (& I wrote this down in my little black HiPerf. book) that:


I) Fuel Requirements for High Flow Fuel System

. Main Fuel Line should be size 10AN

. The Fuel Line between the fuel tank & fuel filter should be size 12AN

. The line from the filter to the pumpshould revert back to a size 10AN

. The bypass/return line from the pump should be a size 8AN


Sorry; nothing on actual fuel rail size icon_rolleyes.gif



(Yea,Still an Inliner)


[ October 27, 2001: Message edited by: Kevin Shasteen ]

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