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  1. John,

    I was interested in the valve spring setup that sunbelt had developed (lower seat pressure).

    You had an engine built there.

    Sunbelt is long gone. Is there still info available? As in cam profile to accommodate the lower spring pressure.

    Would be very interested in some info. I have tried to find out if the company that bought them out would continue with it. Did not get very far.

    Thanks much!!

    1. inline6



      I was looking for some info @johnc supplied a long time ago and came across your note to him asking him about Sunbelt cam info.  Sadly, John died a number of years ago.  

      I have info for you.  I have a newly built engine which utilizes a Sunbelt cam with the profile which utilizes lower spring pressure.  I was able to source a new cam from the company that now owns the masters, or whatever they are called. 

      Feel free to IM me with your questions. 


  2. 2mn is a little over 1/16th of an inch. It's well within the margin of error if you're measuring to tires. If everything is being measured to metal the 2mm is an error to be concerned about.
  3. You can also slot the mounting holes in the front diff cross member and the top mounting holes on the rear transverse link braces. You should be able to move things around enough to eliminate the 2mm thrust.
  4. You gear the car to hit the HP peak at the end of the longest straight in the car's highest gear.
  5. A factory quality single stage paint job is $15K here in California. A full restoration on a S30 is over $50K if you're paying someone to do it.
  6. I wouldn't coat them to sell. Media blast inside and out, paint with high temp, and then bake in the oven. You can get $500 for the comp headers if you do that. I would do the same with the Hooker headers and then talk with Chuck.
  7. There is a date stamp for the 1969 cars, but your point is correct. There really is no separation in the S30 series. Ultimately if buyers are willing to pay more for a 1969 build car or a car with vertical defroster lines and hatch vents then the market itself is making the categories.
  8. Not worth it for a street car. You have to make engine and trans mounts, cut the floor pan under the gas pedal for header clearance, modify the steering rack mount (if you lower the engine), shorten the driveshaft, make new radiator hose, and modify the throttle linkage.
  9. The whole Series 1 thing is a seller marketing trick. It's a early Z. There's no such distinction as part of Nissans manufacturing and model release history. Changes were made to the cars throughout the production timeline. Condition is far more important to the cars value then when it was built (except for the S30s build in 1969).
  10. $500 depending on condition. Post pics.
  11. The customer hated the ACT clutch. Car was driven very hard and drifted (customer is in the UAE). He had issues with the hydraulics and the shift fork when the clutch got hot. The clutch chattered real bad. He sent me the trans, flywheel, clutch, and PP. I setup the OSG unit with an annular release.
  12. A carbon/carbon multi disk especially in 7.25" is pretty mellow for street use. Less pedal pressure then the beefed up single disk clutches. OS Giken has some really nice clutch/flywheel combos for the LGata engines. I swapped out the nightmare ACT 6 puck on this car for the OS Giken twin disk unit and the car was much more driveable: http://www.build-threads.com/build-threads/sr20det-240z/
  13. Quartermaster 7.25" double disk of 5.5" triple disk.
  14. No. Most folks are pretty unrealistic in the 240Z pricing. Things will settle down next year.
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