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TPS on `83 L28ET Setup

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I adapted an `83 L28ET setup to my L24, I didn't use the air bypass stuff, and I don't have EGR. So I was wondering since in the turbo setup the TPS only seems to care if the throttle body is closed (it only has two wires and terminals in the TPS plug to sensor only when it's closed). Is it necessary to even have a TPS with my setup? If so, for what reason?

I know my `81 NA won't rev over 2500rpm if I have the TPS unplugged, but I don't think this is the case for the turbo cars.


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hey tony it is a good idea to leave it on there it all works together it adjusts the timing when the throttle is closed and when it's open in different positions.I had an 80zx and mine wouldn't go above 2k after i washed it so i isolatewd it to the tps and i unhooked it and it would rev up well i didn't have any money at the time to get a new one so i just drove it like that and everytime i let off the throttle after really getting on it it would back fire very loudly and eventually blew the muffler apart icon_eek.gif So it would be a good idea to leave it on the other stuff doesn't really matter but i'm sure it is vital for the turbo cars.But i'm not god and couldbe wrong if so someone let me know i am just going by my expirence

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