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Reading errors from the ecu, info on o2 sensor

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Now that I have my L24ET setup running, I was wondering if there was a way to see if all of the sensors are working with the ecu correctly. I know in the 280ZX Turbo there is a dash light for "Sensor" I think this is for the o2 sensor in particular. Is there a easy way to read this kind of error message, or have a light turn on if something is wrong? What other error info can the ECU provide about sensors?

Has anyone found out how the o2 sensor works with the system. I know with some systems it varries the voltage it allows to pass through, and each amount tells the ECU to either richen or lean out the mixture. I'd like to get things setup correctly so that the o2 sensor is telling the ecu to do little adjusting. I'm assuming this would be the best way to have things running.

Thanks for any info, and the the o2 sensor is a single wire, and the ecu system is off of a `83 280ZX Turbo

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can't help you out much, but I do know that that little light on the 280zx's isn't controlled by the ecu. there is a little switch hooked up to the odometer that is triggered by one of the teeth of the gears. once it hits a certain mileage, it just flips that switch and the switch locks into place. only 2 ways to turn it off, unplug it underthe dash (thats what nissan says to do) or after you've put a bunch of miles on the car you can pull the guages and knock the switch back into place...only to have it come on again later...sorry I couldn't help you with your actually question tho

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Your right concerning the O2 sensor. Can't really add anything else. Couldn't tell you how to mod it, except maybe resistors to change (lower) voltage reading the ECU would read showing a leaner reading. But you would need very low voltage sensors since lean reading is around .75 to .90 volts, correct mixture .90 to .95 volt and rich .95 to 1 volt. That's about it.


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