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  1. Cool Randy!...hopefully you can get it back on the racetrack again..
  2. Also, if you ever had a power steering leak...now is the time to install new seals.
  3. Are you using Halteck now Scotty? Good to see your post its been years... But that could be my fault ...this is first time I've been on in nearly a year.
  4. I really don't see the benefit of using the p90a hydralic setup...no adjustability, don't know of anywhere you can buy (new)replacement hydralic lifters..and I've found they do wear out...and make noise. If I were you put back the N42 rockers so you can at least adjust the valves...and would mate up better but I haven't looked into replacement parts for the N42 head so if you were putting together a bebuild engine and the N42 parts are worn..I'd try and find a good match were you can install NOS parts...my 2cents Also on those hydralic lifters if they were sitting you may need to prime
  5. Blake I'll try to be there Friday night (5/19). I'll call you if I can.... All I can say is awhsome good strong numbers... Len
  6. Cool Yasin..alot of history on the Toyota your father had..I liked them too (like a MR2 better, I'm a small car kinda guy)... In a short time the new will wear off and you'll get thousands of them on the road..but from all reports $3 per gallon fuel is not that far away....Don't sell your Z
  7. Good News! I called this morning....Denis answered...said was down in Ocala/Bellview FL. area (where he was from) picking up cars. He gave me a UPS tracking # should arrive Friday.... Guess I was jumping the gun....I live by treating everyone as I would want to be treated...and I would have returned phn. calls if I had someones money.....or if I had shipped his items......but not everyone is wired on the same circut... We'll see what I recieve...
  8. Yep...I paid him $265 uspmo express mail which he signed for last thursday 4/6/06....otherwise you are right...I wouldn't worry about it...
  9. getting a bit more worried called every day all I get is answering machine...last contact was friday 4/7/06....hey guess live and learn...I have a few more ideas so haven't given up...... he just may be busy?...its early yet I may be jumping the gun...mother always says: "expect the best but prepare for the worst!"......
  10. Just wondering if anyone around Acworth GA. ever do business with this guy. He's a mechanic and works on Datsuns..... Name is Denis A. Jones....don't get me wrong. Nothing bad has happened yet..... Just in process of buying some SU carbs from him and courious If he has any type of reputation....good or bad. You can E-mail me if you like Thanks for any info. Len
  11. Thanks 510 for your input.....Hot Dam! If I know Blake....your post is going to spool him up faster than the N20 ........with regards to installing it on his Z From what I understand they have 4, 6 and 8 cylinder N20 systums. My question is could a person buy say just one "wet" systum for example a fogger type. Then be able to install it in either 4, 6, 8 cylinder engines? I would think you would need a plate to place under the 4 barrel if being used for a carborated. then say drill and install a jet after the TB (or before I wouldn't know) in our turbos or FI engines. Then use less of
  12. Thanks for the information Alf....I plan on trying that out Len
  13. Blake I'm amazed at what you say!... Personally since I'm not that up on NOS or MS ..I would think the wet kit would be a good idea as just a double safety measure... knowing you WILL have enough fuel at time you spray. I guess you having those larger injectors... dry wouldn't/shouldn't be a problem either. You burn't out a GM HEI distributor every 20 miles??? why? ouch! Again all the versitility of this MS...I'm wondering if I should do the 300 zxt ECU switch afterall...bottom line I just need more time to work on my car. Maybe since you have the newer model MS not too many pe
  14. HA! Yea Baby! perfect combo don't know the answer but just had to chime in. I've read the same solution for turbo lag...except I would think you would calabrate the NOS systum to do the amount of shot and at what time...could possibly use a rpm index but at take off you would go over said rpm revving up before launch....would think you need to also have it tie in with boost psi?? or time delay after you let out your clutch.....May just have to predetermine the safe amount of shot and use manual button after every shift.... Just thinking out loud... Have you addressed your MS gremlins you
  15. Wow Yasin! That 260 looks real fast just standing still! I have been off our hybridz site for awhile; torn between completing trim work on a few rooms in my house (which I promised my wife 18 years ago I would do) and buying a $250 88 Toyota MR2 (I would like to convert for AutoX). Every time I start surfing this site again I just get goosebumps and want to get back to work on my Z's...(I bought a wrecked $300 88 300ZXT with the electronics to ungrade my 280zxT ECU and use MAS ) just gotta find time...as someone said...to many projects not enough time! Brad; call around at the sa
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