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Logging me out after a few minutes...


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OK, I've consistently had a problem with the new bulletin board software: it logs me out after about 5 minutes. I go to the "Home" page from a bookmark, it recognizes me as a registered user, puts my name up next to the "Log out" icon. Fine, I'm definitely logged in, and as me. I browse through the first page of "today's" postings. I get to the bottom and hit the "Next Page" link, it gives me "No messages match that criteria". Huh, that sucks, we'll just start again, I hit my "Back" button, hit "Home", and I'm given the "login" dialog. I'm not in the system. I'm pretty sure it's knocking me off after some period of time. Am I alone here? I'm running a Mac, OSX.2.4, OmniWeb, Java "off", cookies "on", pop-up windows "off". I'm on an ADSL line through SBCGlobal in California. (Funny - "SBC" means "Small Block Chevy" to me, not "phone company". When I get the bill with "SBC" on the outside, I always snicker...) Anyway, this problem has been consistent.

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