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His car is currently at his son's muffler shop in RIO VISTA CA. for upgrades. He is building the car to the original design of his race car of the 70's. He has quite a history with early DATSUN racing and if anyone is interested I will see if I can get more info. There is pics of the above car painted and I'll see if I can obtain some......



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Ask him if he remembers my car pictured here that originally started with a Z I bought from him that was red, white, and blue. Also, a body and painter guy that worked for him part time named Gary Stephens (moved in from Indianna that had two vettes and a turbo corvair) painted this car in his home garage for me. I watched Bob race Peter Gregg (porsche) in Daytona with a pit pass he gave me. Man what a long time ago. The race car of his that I remember was white with some red on it with the huge IMSA flare/bodykit like mine plus a G nose. When you started it up it would rattle all the windows all over town.


I would really like to see pictures of his OLD car if possible.

I assume we are talking about the Bob Lapp that lived in Orlando about 30 years ago.

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