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Cross Referencing Paint & Body Procedure


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This is to let those of you know who are seeking advice on paint & body that when you PM (private message) one or two experts in the field, you'll get different answers on how to accomplish the same task.


There are at least two "correct" procedures for any given paint and body task. The level of information needed to re-explain oneself becomes greater and greater for the expert when his advice is not heeded initially and then compared to someone else's. If you are going to ask more than one person, please don't go back and ask the same expert yet again to compare what "so and so" said. It's not fair and it taakes up even more of THEIR time. So, please DON'T DO THIS.


I always expect you to do adequate research before attempting paint and body, but please keep in mind what I said in the aforementioned paragraphs and be courteous.


'Nuff said.



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