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Dave's Racecar project 240Z

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Hey guys,


Here are the specs on my car as it stands and a blurb about it at the bottom.





Model: 240Z

Year: 1973

Colour: BMW Navy Blue (crows feeted to hell)

Front bar: Not standard (?)



L28: Block F54, Head P90

Compression: 7.4:1

Cam: Crow #58643 Intake: 212 deg 0.075" dur, 0.480" lift, Exhaust: 210 deg 0.075" dur, 0.495" lift

Pistons: Standard

Rods: Standard

Crank: Standard

Displacement: 2753cc (Standard).

Oil cooling: Earls thermostat to 235x147x50mm Serck cooler.

Balancer: Custom Chris Wood built using BMW Inline 6 balancer.



Gearbox: FS5W71C S14 SR20DET 5-speed

Clutch: 5-puck cerametallic with 1110kg pressure plate

Diff: Locked 3.54:1 R180

Driveshafts: Standard *cough*

Tailshaft: Shortened with Dana Spicer uni-joints


Fuel System:

Tank: Standard

Lift pump: Carter 110gph

Surge: CM510 alloy around 1-2 litres

EFI pump: Bosch 044

Fuel feed line: dash-8 (1/2" ID) line

Fuel rail: custom

Injectors: 460cc N/A S5 RX7

Regulator: Bosch adjustable rising rate



Type: EFI - fully sequential injection

Computer: Autronic SMC v1.99-2

Distributor: Scorcher custom hall-effect

Leads: Sorcher 8mm induction

Coil: Bosch 716HEC transformer type

Ignition Module: Bosch



Manifold: Standard 280zx EFI

Throttle body: Ford XF Falcon 65mm

Piping: 2.5" stainless

Intercooler: ARE 520x300x90 bar and plate

Turbocharger: 620hp Garrett GT35R (0.82 turbine housing)



Manifold: Custom Ian Rowlerson: stainless, tigged, tuned length, split pulse collector, external wastegate flange

External wastegate: Sub-zero 55mm dumping via a 2.5" screamer pipe

Exhaust: 3" mandrel bent mild. No mufflers. Ends just behind diff


Suspension and Wheels:

Springs: Lowered Kings progressive all round

Shocks: Gabriel POS, don't ask me why.

Sway bars: Whiteline adjustables all round

Street Wheels: 15x6.5 Starion Turbo with matt black centres.

Street Tyres: 195/60R15 Yokohama AVS

Race Wheels: F: 16x7 R: 16x8 Simmons B45

Race Tyres: 225/50R16 Kumho Ecsta V70A



Power: unknown as yet

0-100kph: ~4.8sec

Quarter Mile: 12.83 @ 115MPH, 10psi, 195 tyres, open diff.

Calder: 1:11.6





I have a navy blue 240Z that I purchased from a friend of a friend.


Originally brought with blown head-gasket I drove it with the stock L24 and flat-top SUs ( :( ) until the SUs decided to develop a flatspot from between 1% and 80% throttle. Holding the throttle anywhere inbetween those two resulted in massive overfueling, a black plume of smoke three lanes wide on the freeway, half a rear muffler and a subsequent police detective motivated pull-over.


After several 65 mile going 100kph->110kph, clutch, roll down to 100kph, repeat, I sourced a supercharged L28 replacement. After some clutch dramas during the install I drove the car like this for 6 months or so while I gathered together parts for a turbo conversion.


Then in early 2005, after breaking the gear selector linkage on the 280z 5-speed in there I took the car off the road to do the conversion.


After much saving and what-not I got the car running again in the specs above (after blowing out the countershaft front bearing in the 240Z gearbox

I put in the slightly beefier SR20 gearbox which seems to be holding).


I have had the car put on hold while I moved to the US, and am working on getting it over here so I can continue its development. These days most of my time is spent wishing it was here and planning/saving for the modifications I have got in mind when that day comes. The car, whilst borderline streetable in its current state, is destined to be a trailer-queen. I know it has a long way to go, so please no flames about being a try-hard racer, I am working on it. :)

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The engine-bay when the conversion was almost finished. Have since added heat shielding and oil catch can.






My first time out on the track, also here in video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3267393565625239905&q=datsun+240z






Me madly trying to fix the rear brake lines. I finished the rear disc conversion exactly 5 seconds before leaving for the track day. When I got there I realised I'd messed up a braided rear line to I had to redo it. I also forgot the bleeding tools so did the track day with the brake pedal on the floor. :)






My first time at the drags, ran 12.834 @ 115MPH on 10psi with an open diff and hard 195 tyres:






My err.. custom centre console from alu. Dodgey but it works. The two hoses you see are for my detonation detectors






As she sits at the moment, all by her lonesome. :(



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