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Title your threads according to its subject matter.

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Titling your threads;

In the New Members section of this fourm, vague titles such as “hi” or “I’m new here” are fine. Out in the main forum that is NOT acceptable. Please post a subject title befitting your question or topic of discussion. Vague pointless titles only serve to muddle up the data base when others use the search function. We don’t have the time to go and edit all of them so as we come across vaguely titled threads, those threads will get tossed in the shed.


If you made an attempt to title your subject appropriately and misspelled or need to make an adjustment to your title, contact an Admin via Private Message and one of us will be more than happy to edit your title for you, but please make an effort to title your thread appropriately.

Remember, the search function is only as good as your title and your post body, including the spelling.


Please read this link in its entirety, including #3;


Click ME and please read.



Thank you,


HybridZ Staff

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