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READ ME FIRST! Please...

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On behalf of the staff and membership of HybridZ, we welcome you to the internets only dedicated extreme performance Datsun/Nissan Z car forum. Within this forum you will find literally a never ending fountain of performance technical information pertaining to modifications for our beloved Z cars. Everything from mild OE upgrades to full tilt 200+ MPH Bonneville cars. From 8 second street driven drag cars to record setting road race and autocross cars. Areas of discussion range from engine and transmissions, to tires and suspension. Bodywork and aerodynamics to electrical, fuel, and ignition systems. Roll cages to suspension geometry design to exotic over the top power plant conversions. Let your imagination run wild. We have discussed a lot of things already and I’m sure you will be valuable asset and offer forth ideas and concepts not yet discussed. This particular Z car forum was founded around V-8 Z conversions and since grown from those humble beginnings back in early 2000 to include all walks of extreme performance Datsun/Nissan Z cars. We ask that you read over our rules and guidelines. Granted, most of it is common sense but there are few things you all need to keep in mind when posting which will help keep the data base uncluttered. :wink:


Click ME for the HybridZ Rules and Guidelines.


At the top of each sub forum are threads referred to as stickies. Those stickies are topics pertaining to the most common questions, issues, tips, hints, etc regarding HybridZ cars. We also recommend that you spend time getting acquainted with the search feature. As mentioned above, our database is chocked full of incredibly in-depth technical information waiting for you to read and apply or expand upon for use in/on your own car, and hopefully you will share your experience and knowledge with us as well.



Thank you and welcome to HybridZ,

HybridZ staff.

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Updated for new forum software. ;-)

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For those new younger members who like to type in IM format or anyone who is too lazy to use the shift key on their keyboard or even proof read their post prior to submitting it, please read these two links.

Click ME for posting in IM format on the forum.

Click >>  
http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/70238-read-me-shift-not-just-a-nissan-ad-campaign/    if your Shift key is broken or you suffer from lazy pinkies.

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Heads up boys!
Many of you have obviously not been reading the rules of this forum or ignoring them. Either way, that is no excuse! Most of you know we are sticklers for the rules, as such if we find your signature picture in gross violation, you WILL be losing posting privileges and/or posts deleted! It is your responsibility to know the rules and abide by them, not ours to play babysitter and remind you repeatedly! The rules are easy to find, lower right corner of the page.


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