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Chevy pick-up VQ35/40de Hybrid??


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I've been think about this mod for awhile and was wondering if anyone has do it before? As well what would i need for the job? I want to get a 1980 - 87 chevy pick up long box possibly cab 1/2. Is this enough engine for this truck? I will be doing every thing myself and am very capable. I don't want a race truck just a good reliable DD thats good on Gas and can haul a good load.


I know i need:


fabricated motor/tranny mounts??



shift linkage


change my drive shaft

Axle still good?


anything else i need?


I don't know if the power steering pump on the VQ is good enough for the Pick up or if a i need a pathfinder rad or can i just keep a stock chevy rad. I have alot of exp. with the SBC and the KLZE mazda engines but this would be my first nissan VQ project. I found the SBC to be a pig on gas and the ZE/De mazda to be unreliable. All my research has pointed towards the VQ..so here i am. Any idea is welcome

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I just wanted to do something different plus i have future plans for building. I just wanted a list of stuff i would need for the swap for number crunching and for my own knowledge. I want to play with a nissan engine as i have worked with SBC, SBF, KL mazda engine, so i just wanted to try. So what would i need for the swap??

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