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LT1 into a Z32 + more


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Thanks! Yes Sir! I've been working on trying to keep it cool at highway speeds (stays right at 172 degrees at idle). I think it's about whipped. I've finally created the low pressure zone in the engine compartment to help force the air through the radiator. Time to find a more permanent solution.

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It's looks like I'm going to retire the LT1. Time for an LSx swap.


Torched number 7 during a full throttle blast. Coolant hose blew, coolant temps went up and that was all she wrote. Needless to say we are starting over again lol. Not such good luck with the ole LT1.





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Thanks! Yea it was a bummer but I'm actually a little more excited about the new swap. Should have a lot more potential. I think I might have to modify the firewall a bit more. Good excuse to spend a little more time on it to make it cleaner.

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A little more progress. This thing is a bit taller than the LT1. Looks like I'm going to have to think about going EFI again. The damn oil pan is against the rack and the carb is sticking through the hood. The carb was about 2-3" lower with the LT1. Decisions decisions...


Oh and I had to hack into the firewall again lol.





















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Makin some mo progress! Got the mounts welded up and everything nice and centered. Need to do a bit of modification to the oil pan to get it to fit. The sump is super low on the truck pan and it needs to be thinned out a bit where it crosses the rack.


Had the wire speed up a little too high and got a bit of a booger weld but I really don't give a **** it'll hold just fine lol.













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I actually just slowly work it into place.


I made a template with cardboard and then gave myself an extra inch or so all the way around the template (except for at the top). I started at the top, the only place I didn't add additional metal and started taching it. I welded everything from the inside except for the top. I had to tach it into place on the outside while I was forcing the metal into the tunnel. Easier said then done. Where the metal met the existing tunnel I had to use a bit of pursuasion as I tached it in. It didn't take very long. Took more time to grind all the excess metal down and smooth it out.

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