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LSx powered Z-32 daily driver!


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I finally reached that point of no return and after performing a few different V-8 Z-32 mock-ups, finally settled on a power plant and a way to get that power-plant to actually FIT in the Z-32 engine bay, without cutting the friggin firewall! Whew! phew.gif Granted, cutting the firewall solves ALL of the Z-32 V-8 fitment issues and have few other weight distribution benefits, but for daily driver that is to retain the stock interior and all the creature comforts Nissan integrated in this overly complex car, cutting the firewall was NOT and option!


Progress of which engine to use is documented here;



Think tank discussion of the LSx install here;



The new power train is GM LSx and T-56 6 speed trans. Initially will install the 5.3 LM7 that I pulled from my wife's '01 Suburban. Lifter seized a roller so I just replaced the entire engine. Price was right for a complete LM7 and it was SO easy to swap out! I have a used lifters, will probably install an early LS1 cam, and while the heads are off, of course will wave my Rusch Motorsports magic wand over the heads, (port work and 5 angle valve job). Then keep eye an out for a usable 6L or 6.2L core and build my dream engine. A Single Plane crank V-8! The specifies of the single plane V-8 engine are here;






So here is the car. ’93 Z-32 N/A Coupe. Completely repainted in a Nissan pearl Green not offered on the Z-32, (typically seen on late model Maximas and Altimas). Not really a color I would choose to paint a sports car, but when I was looking for a Z-32 to replace my Q-45, this car was a very clean example so we bought it! The color seems to be well received as all comments thus far online and at local events have been positive and has since grown on me. An elegant color. On my way to work one morning, a HUGE raccoon crossed the freeway while doing 60 MPH, hit him square busting the front fascia. Been wanting a new front fascia any how, so I had the ’99 JDM Z-32 front fascia installed and painted to match. Little more aggressive than the OE 90-’96 US fascias, without being too ricey.






















The new fascia;




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Chassis mods. Specialty Z brake kit front and rear with braided lines! Couldn’t be more happy with OE sized brakes! Rotors are 5lbs lighter than OE per wheel! (just installed my second set of front pads, LOVE these brakes!) Installed ’90 aluminum calipers up front as well! All front bushings have been replaced with poly except for the upper arms. Rear sub frame solid mounted, all bushings are currently OE.

Tokico 5 way Illumina struts on all for corners, added a hole in the rear interior panels for easy adjusting. :wink:












Tokico adjuster access;




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The VG30DE is BONE stock, (for sale), only mod is WOLF V-500 direct fit stand alone EMS that I ran in it for a while! Currently back under OE Nissan EMS control for those interested in buying the VG30DE, can drive it with the EMS that comes with it!


LOVE the WOLF EMS and hope to use it with the LSx.


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Have another Z-32 that I refer to as the Mock-up mule. More of a Mock University having had a fully assembled Datsun L-26, SBC 350, VH45DE, a 5.3 LM7 and a 5.7 LS1 stabbed into it engine bay. Will probably stab an L-16 in as well, because we can! :lmao:




With the LS1 mocked up;




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