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280zx turbo cv axles, HELP!


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I bought a pair of used axles a few years back while accumulating parts. I also have Ross'

conversion kit installed on my car. I've just pulled out the axles to test install. Question1,

how far in does the axle shaft go into the diffy? Their are like 3 sections to the shaft end, first the splined section, next a section with diagonal grooves, then a thicker section up to the housing cover. I can get it in to the first two sections where the smooth thicker piece of the shaft is showing. Does it go in further where the housing cover should butt up againt the side of the diffy?


The picture in the FSM looks like maybe only the spline section goes in....


Question 2, do I need a circlip to hold the shaft into the diffy?


Thanks for any help guys, this is probably the longest Z on jackstand project ever (28 years).

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