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  1. Its not black smoke, it leaves black soot on the ground when I start it cold. The smoke is a white color, at least it looks white when it fills the cabin It develops smoke most on off throttle deccelerattion when at high rpm (>3000). I have tried 2 different heads on there with the same problem: origional was N42, took it off because I was hoping it was valve seals. Put a P90 on from an engine that was not smoking.
  2. I have used the "Restore" stuff, pic included. No change noticed. I guess I will try everything I can find.
  3. As the title states, my temporary motor (L28 with P90) has developed a taste for engine oil rather than fuel. I would guess it is burning it at a rate of about 1 quart oil/3 gallons gas. It is so bad, it leaves a big black soot mark on the ground whenever I start it up and the smoke is killing me when I go off throttle at anything over 3000 rpm. My other engine (3.1) is awaiting pistons so I (hopefully) I won't be driving this motor for very much longer. I know its the rings, not the valve seals, and have tried that oil additive stuff, but I think its too far gone. Does any one have some suggestions to make life bear-able until the other motor is done??? I could care less about the end result of the pistons/block if there is a temporary solution that will end up trashing all moving parts in the long run. My lungs (and other drivers) will thank you greatly! -Smokescreen
  4. Well when there are holes the size of your fist, air is definitely lighter than what used to be there!
  5. No, not there either. Its at turnbull canyon
  6. Heres mine... dont mind the rust, nature's weight reduction!
  7. Is there one? I have the 5 speed T5 out of a 1982 280ZX turbo. It was on my L28, but I'm wanting to put a 350 in. Is there any way I can use this transmission with a different bellhousing or adapter plate, or would it be less of a hassle to get another 5 speed that came on a chevy 350? Thanks!
  8. i did not "assume" anything. the other pump that i measured was not a H4 pump, just figured it was a long shot that i ended up with 2 of the high flow volume pumps when I thought they were somewhat scarce. jeffp said that his turbo one may have been 40mm, so i am just going off of his word. so for the record, A M/T TURBO PUMP MAY OR MAY NOT BE HIGH FLOW, THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN TELL IS TO MEASURE THE ROTOR/CYLINDER HEIGHT. THE EXTERNAL MARKINGS MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE ANY INDICATION OF ITS FLOW CAPACITY. I AM NOT MAKING ANY GENERALIZING STATEMENTS, JUST REPORTING WHAT I HAVE MEASURED.
  9. how much does the metal that you would be cutting out of the spare tire well weigh?
  10. the axel should snap into place, there is a ring inside the diff that snaps onto the groove on the splines. you gotta kinda slam it in there, but the CV cover should be against the diff housing. in other words, you shouldnt be able to see any shiny parts.
  11. i just measured the smaller one in the picture and it is 35mm. i opened up another pump that i had laying around and it happened to be 40mm. in the picture, the bigger pump was pulled off of a 83 automatic turbo. if someone else measured a manual trans turb pump and it was also 40mm, then it seems that all turbo pumps are the "high flow" type.
  12. one thing to note: the carrier shims had to be rearranged in order to get the ring and pinion to mate correctly. on one side, there was a thick and thin shim, and on the other was only a thin (actually three different sizes). the left side had to be switched with the right side in order for them to mesh and be able to get the bearing caps on. this is my first differential rebuild/teardown, so i dont know exactly how much play is acceptable, but after swapping the gears, the amount of play seemed very small, perfectly acceptable to me. i painted the gear to check mating surface contact, and there was a good amount of smear. i guess the real test will be when it is sent down the quarter mile. the only snafoo (sp?) was that the bolts that hold the ring gear. on the 3.9 ring gear, it uses 10mm bolts, where the bolt holes that are in the LSD carrier and the 4.375 ring are 12mm. i used a bushing (12mm OD and 10mm ID) to take up the slack between the bolt and the hole. is there anything wrong with me doing this? so bad news for someone wanting to swap 4.375 gears into thier R200 open diff, cuz it wont fit. possibly because those gears came from a newer car, and used beefier hardware.
  13. I was bored and decided to take apart the oil pump I took out of a 83 turbo-auto car, which supposedly has the high flow pump. auto-turbo pump on the left, N/A L28 pump on the right. you will notice that the cylinder is taller, that it does pump more oil per revolution of the inner impeller (if that is what you want to call it)
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