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SU's won't keep running

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Okay well my problem is a confusing one. i took my carbs off yesterday to readjust them for a camping trip i going on, but after awhile of fiddling my car wouldn't start again. I've checked everything; it gets gas, has spark at the rotor and im certain there is gas in the bowl. the problem is that the car seems to not be getting fuel into the carbs themself. does anyone hae some guidance? i pump the pedal, choke everything i can think of and nothing happens. They're 3 screw round tops on my l28

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Hi, sounds like you brought the jets up closer to the top of the carb and now you arne't getting any fuel even with the chokes on. I would take the entire air cleaner off and take a look inside where the metering needle is. You car going to have to lower the jet say 4 complete turns from where it is level to the top of the carb. I believe that each lever goes the oposite way to lower the jet to the metering needle. Also, do you have an air tool to balance out the carbs? If so you will need to do that after you get them running too.

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