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matching coupe and sedan lol

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I was just out driving around the neighborhood a while back (date on the pics) and check out what I noticed sitting in someone's driveway! I stopped and asked this lady that was standing outside... she said it was her ex-boyfriends, he went to prison in 2001, got killed in prison... and she has no idea where the title is... I highly doubt I'll have much trouble getting one. she said she does want it gone off her property, I said " what would it take to get it outta your yard and into my possesion? " she said " go get your truck " hehehehehehehehe goes to show you never know til' you ask!! she explained to me that she likes the fact I am gonna do something with it, and that she liked my maxima lol. I know the thing is in rough shape, but, I don't want it to sit there and rot...AND FOR FREE? OMG HELL YEAH the lady said it was parked cause the radiator was leaking and the clutch was out, crazy how people just " throw away " things with so much character....




yup, bankston datsun ^^^ hahaha lol (OMG HOLY ♥♥♥♥)



turns out, it's a nissan / datsun 200sx. from what I've gathered, it should have an Z22E 4cyl. under the hood, 5mt, AND RWD (mini-me L24E, like my max, sort of lol) the body on this thing is UBER straight, it has a little surface rust, but I looked under it and it's all there, complete, stock, no major rust, and the odometer is sitting @ 67k!!!! oh and it has a 02/82 build date, which just happens to be the same exact build date of my maxima, go figure!


*update* I was getting it ready to TRY to start it, dropped the tank, cleaned it, new lines, pump, new blaster coils, new battery, new clutch etc etc, and the LAST thing I did before trying to start it, I was gonna get some fresh oil in it, so I drained it out, looked into my drain pan, and saw metal shavings in it:shock:, so I went a ahead and dropped the pan, and upon close inspection of the crank, it has a spun rod bearing. the crank, the cylinder walls, and rod and end are all scarred up, I don't think it'd be worth machining down to tolerance, so I'm on the hunt for just a KA to just throw in it and be done with it. the main purpose of this car will be a slammed cruiser, don't plan on racing it or drifting or any other silly-ness, just like my maxima lol

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