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Windshield wipers at last

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Who would have thought that a simple project like getting the windshield wipers moved would have been such a major pain? When we set the engine back, it was necessary to move the right wiper from the center to the far right side of the windshield. Moving the arm and pivot was no problem. The Z31 body is set up for either right or left drivers. Of course that meant the wipers would move in opposition instead of parallel. The stock motor (rotary) replaced by an ocillating motor from the rear window of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The linkage had to be operated through a bell crank system. that took almost a month to design and fabricate since there is hardly any room for lilnkage clearence. Last night at about 7:00 we finally got finished.

Normally, I wouldn't post this but in some ways this was more frustrating than building the chassis or getting the body mounted. Now it's on to putting in the firewall and floorboards. Of course, there is still putting the heaer unit back under the dash with 4" less space....

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I can't believe its been a year since I updated this thread, but I've been restoring a Porsche that followed me home. I've got the firewall in, and fabbed up the engine plates (aluminum front, stainless steel rear). The electric power steering unit is in place, and the steering shaft has been installed. The roll cage is mostly done, and the floor is welded in. All we need is a much bigger shop, or a few less projects.

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