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2JZed 1971 240z resto-mod


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So after all these years...I have finally started forward progress on my 1971 Datsun 240z...A little background on my story is my 240z came into my life 12 years ago from my friends uncle who was the OCD original owner of the car for $350.oo when I was 18 years old. Now that i turned 30 last summer and with the news of a second baby on the way I finally told myself it is now or never to fix the car. I have always stored the car indoors and have the most extensive history of a vehicle i have ever seen...Screw car-fax i have the original window sticker, build sheet, salesman's business card, canceled check, and ever receipt of every nut or bolt that was changed on the car from 1971 to the present. So here I am...12 years older, not that much wiser and motivated more than ever to fix this car no matter what it takes. I purchased a corvette 327 about 10 years ago and that was my original vision of the perfect power plant for the car...I sold that and recently purchased a 3 liter 2jz-gte twin turbo with auto tranny and factory computer. I also picked up a Greddy emanage ultimate to run as a piggy back computer for fuel and engine management. About 8 years ago i purchased a 260z that was owned by a gentleman named Bob Malchuri, from what i know he was a well known lawyer in Connecticut where I'm from and he used to race the car, i was able to salvage the quick steering knuckles, huge sway bars, and tons of other parts...It had a set of triple webers with the manifold that i removed and would sell if someone was interested. So I finally cleaned out my garage with a 30 yard dumpster and organized a lot of the parts that i have acquired over the years. This car has been my dream for years, my friend Kevin said it best "a plan without any action is just a dream"...so this dream is now a plan, stumbling upon hybridz has made this dream a reality in that this site has proven to me that it is possible, and that I can do this...Yesterday after 39 years the old 240 parted ways with the 2.4 liter for the last time...I also removed the front suspension and steering rack...pics to follow and any advice would be greatly appreciated...I am planning on cleaning off as much buildup of grease and grime today when i get home from work today...A little about me, I am a 30 year old father of 1 so far)I teach art at a local high school and I am currently getting my masters degree in Technology & Engineering from CCSU to hopefully take over the auto shop at our school. I learned how to work on cars from my boss Ted Alia who owned A&M Automotive where I pumped gas as a full service gas attendant for 10 years, learning what I could working on my first car a 1978 cadillac eldorado biarritz, So I will update you soon on my progress and hope to hear your input on what and how I should approach this project....till then Matt



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Just a quick update...I finally was able to sneak out to the garage for a few quality hours of working on the Z...finshed removing the last of the front end and began cleaning the engine bay...does anybody know of a company besides BETA motorsports who absolutely lost their mind charging 400 for a mounting crossmember???also interested in any information on if a 2jz front sump oil pan will fit or if it has to be the rear sump version...if that is the case can you convert a front sump to a rear????let me know thanks guys...Matt

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