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rb25 wont start please help


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are you getting the negitive signal to the ignitor from the pcm? Do you have power at the coils? Are you getting - signal from the ignitor to the coils? There are 3 wires going to the coils. You have a power,ground and a signal wire from the ingitor. Is you pcm a manual or a auto transmission pcm? I have a auto pcm that I used on mine and there was a wire to the pcm that had to be grounded to start. It was the wire from the inhibitor switch from the auto trans range switch. I had sort of the same problem with mine but it would happen when I was driving it and then I would loose spark and the car would stall out and not start. My problem was the PCM.

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When you spin the cas by hand can you hear the injectors click? Who did your harness? I think the problem is in the wiring. You have swapped all the main sensors. I would grab a meter and check out all the wiring. There is a sticky at the top of the page. For some reason your not getting signal from the PCM.

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well find out few things today

ecu checked on buddy car its good

ignitor is good

coil pack are good

cas checked is good

new thing no ground on coils there is power at coils


plz help me

another thing my ign key is giving me some prolems


there is a ground wire coming off the coil harness that gets grounded on the rear bolt of the rear coil bracket, make sure that this wire is not broken and that the terminal is clean.

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