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  1. i do have m and h 15*8.5 *26 i belive that is the same size 235/50/15 n what kind wheel should i get
  2. i have 72 240z 355 sbc with 700r4 tranny i belive the gearing 3.90 or 3.54 stock walls , koni shocks , some lowring spring i dont even know what size tire to run n what wheel plz helpz
  3. well i have ground on coils but no spark man this rb is pissing me off
  4. well find out few things today ecu checked on buddy car its good ignitor is good coil pack are good cas checked is good new thing no ground on coils there is power at coils plz help me another thing my ign key is giving me some prolems
  5. hey bro i do have signal to the coil, have power , have ground s1 harness just changed the ignitor, maf , cas and pcm or ecu ,still no spark plz help me i m going crazy
  6. no spark.. i checked the coils plug i have power n ground is good also change the spark plugs , cas, timing is right, injectors are working, still no spark
  7. hey bro looks good .. well hope u can get it running faster then i can get mine
  8. Yes I am. I pm'ed you




  9. hey bin laden son ...what kind of deals are you trying to make.... oh sorry you indian but you all look the same! jsk

  10. working condition? send me some pics on email winchester_001@hotmail. com

  11. i have some too u can call me 5592104964
  12. i have one but it fully caged n ford 9 inch
  13. hey is your name ANDY and your gay you go to scjv

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