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Converting to power steering

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Hey everybody, I'm going to pick up an 82 parts car for my 79 this weekend. The main reason I'm picking up the car is for the steering rack as mine is broken. Currently my car has the manual steering system but the car I'm getting has power steering. I guess it has the rack and pinion system. So my question is how involved is converting the system if anyone could link me to a guide or has experience doing this that would be very helpful. The car also has a working motor and auto trans each with 90K. I may swap the motor but I'll be selling the trans for $200 once I get it off for anyone in the NE Oklahoma area.

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If it's rack & pinion power steer you'll need to change the front crossmember, it's not that difficult.


You'll need to change the front crank pulley, swap the pump over etc etc


Okay good so assuming all the parts are good from the parts car I should be able just to swap them all over and not have to buy anything? And yeah it must be rack and pinion since it's an 82 at least that's what I've gathered from wikipedia. I was also wondering again if the engine is in good condition if you guys think it would be worth swapping over. Mine has 127K and this one has 90K and the 82 is supposed to have a bit more power as well. My engine runs good so I'm not really sure if it's worth it. Although mine has upgraded fuel injectors so it might last even longer than the 90K engine but I assume it would be a direct swap? I'm pretty excited about it though. The hood is in pretty good nick too so I might be selling that if I don't decide to keep it.

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