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Biggest snow storm in the decade for December...

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"Why doesn't he just finish it"...


I've heard that a lot.


Reality is there are 24 hours in the day, and they, along with the customer contract, the company, the family, and the life that gets in the way, take a lot out of me. I'm but a man...Shocker, I know.


This weekend I invited and asked Tom Harris, Joe G., Pete Paraska, Doug Carrow, and Glenn McCoy to come out and lend a hand... Now were getting the largest snow storm that has ever hit the east coast.


So I'll push on and hope to reschedule for January. Here's the reality: I have two months to get the Zcar done, the Miata sorted with a new cage, and the porsche fitted with a new seat and other new hardware. Reality is I'll focus on the cars I can IMMEDIATELY drive and IMMEDIATELY have my kids drive. Beyond that, everything else is noise.


We'll get it done, but it might not be in Feb.



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Mike - I'm looking forward to reschedule this. Let me know!

Maybe see if we could find something for the women-folk to do also?

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Pete, We'll look at something in later February or March... I'm swamped right now... Try to coordinate with the women folk to make it "lady" friendly...



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