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  1. Fulton, MD?  I grew up very close to there, on Cherry Tree Dr, half of which is in "Fulton".  I'm in Mt. Airy now.

  2. I was out plowing the garden today, and a white S30 slowed to turn off of Talbot Run Rd onto Peddicord Rd. Definitely a V8 under the hood - I heard the thunder, even at idle and I was a good 500 feet from the intersection.
  3. Thanks for asking and getting info. If only there was a "Block User" so that your posts were invisible to them.
  4. Mike - I'm not sure if I took this advice from you or not - that was a long time ago. I used 2 stranded 12 gage wires twisted together and did as you said - they hang down to firewall on the driver's side. They use the bracket for the gas pedal linkage on the firewall as a "pulley" to change the direction of the force from vertical to horizontal. Blue insulation on the wires means they are hardly noticeable.
  5. I'm absolutely sick about this. Tears and everything. John was the most kind, level-headed, thoughtful, smart guy I ever knew. His Z and car posts, his FB posts were always top notch and human. If I could only be the man he was. My condolences to his family and friends.
  6. That sucks. Glad it wasn't worse. I know how bad it can get. Decades ago, my z was up on two fork lifts (no kidding, 1 from the front, 1 from the back). We were in a door warehouse - on the wood door side of it. I know, young and stupid. We were underneath and my buddy, who still works at the same door warehouse, was underneath the car with me, as we were welding in some floorboards. The interior wasn't completely stripped out, and we had the dash and all the glass and door mechanisms, weatherstripping still in the car. The ratty stock seats were not there. Interi
  7. Thanks, nops - I ended up buying a new LMA-3
  8. I've decided that since I have their LC-1 already, I want to add this to be able to log it, RPM, MAP, etc. to try to tune my Holley 830HP (has Weber plates) Anyone have an AuxBox (LMA-3) they aren't using any more? If so, please PM me. Thanks
  9. I hope to see this thing really fully sorted, Mike. Most of all, I'd love to see you enjoying the beast on the track. One of my favorite things you've done lately is the Ford 8.8 swap - After going through not having my Z on the road last summer because of a snapped 280Z stub axle and waiting for the vendor to get the correct billet replacements shipped (took the morons at the manufacturing company THREE tries to get 4, not 5 stud holes drilled to the diameter I wanted!!!) I know how silly it is to keep dealing with the expensive Nissan parts in the rear of the car, especially the diffe
  10. I'm anxious to hear about this beast getting on the track soon! But I believe Mike is going to get it sorted to some reliable degree, and then it will be sold to a lucky individual, probably someone he knows. And probably before he gets it to its full potential, as I see him as jaded about this car. Reading his writings makes me think he can't wait to see it go. Mike has stated several times that he wants another Porsche for track days, and I fully understand his reasons. After all, the caliber of P-car he will get will be one designed to BE on the track and he will have a b
  11. Mike, I am looking forward to seeing you get happy about your dedicated track car, once you get back with your true track love - a dedicated track Porsche! I doubt very much that you'll miss the Z once you are behind another P-car steering wheel! The S30 is a cool platform to mod and build. But it's nothing like starting with a good Porsche platform that was meant to be tracked when it was first being designed. The S30s seem to be going up in price, even the modified ones. The idea of selling mine and buying Sasha Grey (not the porn star) and having a dedicated built-for-the-track S30 is
  12. Awesome news, Mike! Don't worry about the people who are downers or doubters. They're probably not doing just sitting. I agree - a stock block should be fine for 600HP. Are you doing the teardown/assembly yourself? That's my favorite part of this "hobby"
  13. Going with a Flathead drivetrain instead? RB26? L28ET?
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