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Recap from today...

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So today was eventful...


I welded up all four side mount plates for the Dzues fasteners, and then drilled all of the holes in the bumper cover. I then mounted the pop-out aluminum Dzues fasteners inplace on three of the 6 locations... I ran out of pop-rivets, so that part of the project is on hold until I can get more rivets.


I also welded on the extension for the front tow hook. While I was at it, I added gussets for the oil filter relocation mount, and welded gussets to the brackets that hold the Dzues base plates for the MSA type 3 bumper cover.


While working on those issues, I moved to the mounts for the Carbon hood.


Once I get the rivets, I'll relocate one mount for the hood, and finish up the "prime" and "paint" on the areas I welded up. I'll then move to the seat base and the few brackets I need to weld in for the interior safety. Window net brackets and such... Then I'll move to the rear of the car and finish up the welding back there...


Getting there...


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