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  1. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    The z is out after winter storage...
  2. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Some pictures from earlier this year
  3. If you dont sell them locally and want to ship them to Linden NJ, I will buy them. I will of course pay for shipping.
  4. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    I'm using Megasquirt MS1 Extra with MS relay board
  5. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    I bought a full bell housing with flywheel ant clutch from http://www.dellowconversions.com.au/
  6. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Just after first startup: http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu82/arvid_photo/DFE7F282-C6E0-4637-8E5A-46BFF793881D-5211-000007FCF21BB894_zps1d2bd2a5.mp4
  7. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    I will make up a plenum with cold air intake in front, but not just yet. Have to get many other things in place first.
  8. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    It's alive!! After a couple of weeks working on wiring the whole car, we had the first startup a couple of days ago. Just some tidying up in the wiring mess now, and fix some fuel leaks... Then I will install fenders and front and start testing/mapping. The sound of the engine with all trottles fully open is AMAZING!
  9. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Some pics from assembling of engine...
  10. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Link to a nice norwegian 510: http://www.autobloggen.net/?p=4498
  11. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Yes, the 4-door and wagons were common cars here in the days, but theres not many left.... They were named 1300, 1600 and 1800. But the 2-door was not sold in Norway, maybe further south in Europe. Think i have to find me a 2-door from US, and ship over to Norway. My Z is also a US car, the previous owner is Rayapp here at the forum:)
  12. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Love the look of your 510. Will try to find me an 510 as next project....
  13. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Will install fuelpumps and catchtank in the spare tire room. Recieved a new alu driveshaft from www.driveshaftshop.com
  14. -72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

    Have started wiring up a new 18 circuit harness from Painless. The new fusebox will be located behind the glovecompartment door, together with ecu and relays. Installed the Speedhut gauges in the dash too.