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  1. I'm using Megasquirt MS1 Extra with MS relay board
  2. I bought a full bell housing with flywheel ant clutch from http://www.dellowconversions.com.au/
  3. Just after first startup: http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu82/arvid_photo/DFE7F282-C6E0-4637-8E5A-46BFF793881D-5211-000007FCF21BB894_zps1d2bd2a5.mp4
  4. I will make up a plenum with cold air intake in front, but not just yet. Have to get many other things in place first.
  5. It's alive!! After a couple of weeks working on wiring the whole car, we had the first startup a couple of days ago. Just some tidying up in the wiring mess now, and fix some fuel leaks... Then I will install fenders and front and start testing/mapping. The sound of the engine with all trottles fully open is AMAZING!
  6. Link to a nice norwegian 510: http://www.autobloggen.net/?p=4498
  7. Yes, the 4-door and wagons were common cars here in the days, but theres not many left.... They were named 1300, 1600 and 1800. But the 2-door was not sold in Norway, maybe further south in Europe. Think i have to find me a 2-door from US, and ship over to Norway. My Z is also a US car, the previous owner is Rayapp here at the forum:)
  8. Love the look of your 510. Will try to find me an 510 as next project....
  9. Will install fuelpumps and catchtank in the spare tire room. Recieved a new alu driveshaft from www.driveshaftshop.com
  10. Have started wiring up a new 18 circuit harness from Painless. The new fusebox will be located behind the glovecompartment door, together with ecu and relays. Installed the Speedhut gauges in the dash too.
  11. Very nice:) Looking forward to updates.
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