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  1. I contacted Mr Williams, we are getting the issue resolved. Thanks for the info guys.
  2. That's the undercut section, where the thing twisted the splines chipped and stuff.
  3. thats for the internal retaining ring the axles snap into.
  4. first picture is of the passenger side. the second picture is the drivers side that broke. clearly they were were too soft. you can see how much the one that didnt break twisted.
  5. I held it about 3500-4000rpm dropped the clutch and pow. the car didnt move an inch.
  6. It shouldnt have failed with a stock l28 and 1978 5-speed in a 78 280z with street tires and stock axles. right? everyone said the axles or r180 would break before these would... I paid $500 for them from wolf creek feb 2014. I had maybe 1500-2000 miles on them. 5-6 autocross events and 1 trip to the drag stip where it broke on my first attempt to go down the track. Anyone else get axles around this time period? did yours have holes that were too big for the stock axle flange bolts? did yours seem kinda soft for something that had been heat treated? Did I do something wrong? or did I just get a $500 paper weight that might have destroyed my $400 differential? I havent looked at the other side yet as it was still turning with the drive shaft....
  7. Subie R180 input flange swap

    Mine makes the exact same sound. I am curious to what the solution is.
  8. looking for a late 240Z, 260Z or 280Z R180 mustache bar and a R180 pinion flange that bolts to the front and connects to the stock driveshaft. thanks. email me jat240 at Yahoo.com

    still have the r180 mustache bar?
  10. I am interested in the sparco steering wheel. Doest it have the little peg to redet the turn signal? Shipping to 41101?