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  1. Techno Toy Tuning Tie Rod

    This is a rough picture of what to expect from my front end. I didn't include my T3 tie rod ends and NCRCA. While i was trying to remove my stock tie rods I found out that i needed to replace my rack and pinion. Now i'm on hold till i can either find a used one or a refurbish one. Anyone know a place that i can purchase a refurbish one ? I know MSA is out of them. Would you guys know if the AZC steering knuckles would fit into an adjustable tie rod end ? I know Garagistic has a non drilled tie rod adjusters. I'm assuming that they will fit onto an AZC steering knuckle ?
  2. I'm currently removing my 71 240z inner tie rods. This is my first attempt. I already removed the ball joint from the steering knuckle. Can someone please help me on how to remove this ? Thanks
  3. Techno Toy Tuning Tie Rod

    What suspension set up are you guys running? I'm trying to figure out a default setup to start with. My suspension is completely apart at this moment. I'm running Mckinney coilovers with bolt on camber hats. T3 front LCR, TC rods, NCRCA, Tie Rods, and MSA sways with 4 piston Wilwood brakes. Once i'm done putting them all together i'm going to take to Dando's in Fremont Ca. for an alignment.
  4. What's up Hybrid family ! I was wondering if anyone of you guys tried Techno Toy Tuning Adjustable Tie Rod end in their 240z ? My Z will be a weekend warrior and a track car. I currently have a Mckinney coilover kit with non welding camber hats. T3 front control arms and TC rods. Im waiting to buy T3 NCR center adjusters. I tried doing some research on the T3 tie rod ends but didn't get much. Is it worth it ?
  5. Coilover help

    thanks for the reply cgsheen. This is my first time having coilovers. When i started installing the coilovers into the strut tower i've noticed that the all thing started to swivel around. Is that natural even after tightening the three bolts on top of the strut tower ? Do you have any tips installing the steering knuckles under the struts ? i'm having a little trouble with it Thanks
  6. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me out on what basic measurements can i start with my Mckinney 240z coilover kit with non welded camber plates. The shop that helped me weld the kit together took the top threaded part off separating it from the bottom hub assembly. Now i don't know where the original position is at now. Please if you do have the Mckinney kit can you give me the base measurements or at least what your measurements are currently at then i can adjust to my needs. Thanks !
  7. Authentic Sparco Milano 2 Alacantra seats

    Sorry for the late response guys. I've been super busy with work. Gixxer squid. Any issues with the tranny. Pm me with with the cash offer TonyB The condition is great ! with minor wear and a chip on the back plastic that the harness belts go through but nothing big. I'll post pictures asap
  8. I have a pair of Authentic Sparco Milano 2 Alacantra seats from 2003. It comes with a lumbar control, reclines , latch that moves the seat foward, and rails to adjust. These seats are beautiful and comfortable as hell. These beauties came off of a 911 Porsche from Italy. Passenger side is almost like new. But it does have a small chip on the back of the plastic piece where the belts go through. Driver side is in good shape. Has minor wear from coming in and out of the car. No fades! The previous owner removed some of the pad where you sit so he can have some clearance for his helmet. Still feels comfy but if you want to replace the pads with new you can purchase it through Sparco. These seats new were 1,500 each, I'm asking 1,400 for the pair. Also I can trade for parts as equal value or with cash. I'm looking for a 3.9/4.11 rear end, borg Warner 5 speed, triple carb setup, or wheels.
  9. Building an L28 (NA)

    Beautiful build and congratulations with a sick set Up! I too have the same taste in nostalgia. I plan on doing the STD set up after im done with my suspension and brake upgrades. I love the throaty exhaust note. Where dis you purchase the exhaust from?
  10. Mfactory R200 LSD

    I would love to be part of the next group buy. Wish I knew about this earlier
  11. Help with coilovers

    I mentioned that i had four of the struts out of the vehicle.I purchased the Mckinney coilover kit with camber top hat that fits stock bolts. I told them that all they needed to do is to have my stocks cut and weld on the new. I do have the all four hubs on with both rear lower control arms still attached with the spindle. That's all they needed to do and i'll install it my self since my car is gutting out.
  12. Help with coilovers

    Do you guys think 1140.70 is the right quote to put the kit together ? I feel like this is kinda high
  13. Help with coilovers

    Yeah i'm probably better off bringing everything there. I hope they can do it asap, i haven't driven my car for a year. Thanks Auxilary ! Hey once you're good at it let me know i may need you later for my roll bars.
  14. Help with coilovers

    yes its a chop and weld in. I purchased the kit with a top hat camber plate that goes under the stock strut for the stock look. It does not require any welding. I went to a few local shops near by and they didn't want to weld the kit together because they were not familiar with it and it might fail. I would pay anyone that has skills either if they are at home or at a shop. I really want to get these done, please help guys !
  15. Help with coilovers

    Thanks Auxilary ! I actually work across the street from them. They told me that i have to bring my car in so they can test it out. My Z is currently going through a full brake and suspension work at this time. Its sitting on jack stands and I need the struts to be done alone. I was thinking about looking for a welder on yelp but i figure giving HybridZ a shot first.