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  1. Nice Glad all is going well with your build. From your pic Ring gear looks really good. Chip
  2. LSD's still available, $949.99 (Northern Z) Shipping and any custom fees you will have to pay. To get an estimate on shipping I will need your name and full shipping address Thank you for inquiring Chip
  3. Dan The LSD has 10 and 12 mm bolts holes. Yes your "75 280Z is a 3.545 The shims on either side of the open diff. are reusable on the MFactory. Just remember to put them back on the correct side. The shims could be different sizes by a small amount. Matter of fact when disassembling make sure whats on the right side of the diff goes back and same on the left side. Same with bearing caps and mark them with a marker as to the up position as they were removed. Thank you Chip
  4. TurboDan Thank you for inquiring about the MFactory R200 LSD. Price is $925.00 shipped to the lower 48 states. I have one available at this time. Toward the end of June others will be available. I'm not sure about the numbers you are using . This is a Helical LSD. It's locked on acceleration and deceleration. your '75 280Z I believe has the 3.545 gearing 29 spline stub axles. If you can define the numbers you listed I may be able to assist you better. The ways numbers may be associated with clutch type LSD's maybe. Thank you Contact me any time. Chip
  5. Ratatatz Thanks for the kind words. Keep enjoying . You have been a great customer. Chip
  6. Excuse me SH4DY Sorry for the mispell
  7. Thanks for the kind words SHADY. Always nice to here. Enjoy. Chip
  8. S30forever Thank you for inquiring on the MFactory R200 Differential. The Differential is priced as low as possible. The cost is $875.00 shipped to the lower 48 states. Any questions that I can answer please continue this post. Thank you Chip
  9. Hi Chip , are you still offering this this LSD for $875.00 plus free shipping?

    I have a 75 280Z R200 (3.54)  long nose and  I assume that it has  29 spline side axles.

     I'm Planning on installing this diff along with a set of ZCG CV axles (direct  bolt-in  the stock 4 bolt flanges). 


  10. Ratatatz Yes sir What information are you requesting? Thank you Chip
  11. Thank you rxx2rxx2 Have fun
  12. Hi,   I have a '76 280z (stock R200 Diff) with some typical performance mods ('82 Turbo motor and trans).     


    Some questions:  Are the R200 MFactory Helical units still available?  If yes, at what price?   Are instructions (or videos) included?  I'm pretty handy but have never taken a Diff apart.  What other parts/seals should be replaced during the swap and do you sell the,   Thank you,  Chuck

  13. Thanks for the shout out! We are glad you are loving it!
  14. Yes sir Hybrid Z members get a reduced price of $875.00 plus free shipping to the lower 48 states. Any other information you may need let me know. Chip
  15. Hey Eds260z The 260z's had the 180 diff. The years you were asking are from the 280 Z. From 1975 to 1978 there the R200 3.545 gear ratio. Those also took the 29 spline stub axles of which the MFactory LSD is also 29 spline. If you need more info contact me Chip
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